Guide to scrumban

Each agile methodology has its own benefits and drawbacks. This website is not about which methodology is better, but rather about the comparison of methodologies and a mixture of them for increased area of applicability. Using agile methodology is not a panacea as some projects or teams tend to fail irrespective of which methodology they are using. However, understanding the pluses and minuses of different approaches can provide valuable insights when choosing and applying the right agile methodology. The effort, a broad perspective and understanding are what matters the most. We have collected theoretical and practical knowledge and we are sharing this with you. So look at it as an opinion and approach.


Scrum is mostly used by software development teams to increase their performance by defining working principles. The principles are based on decoupling the total scope of work into small iterations. The iterations have to be separated from one another, and still able to deliver value to the end customer. The process is measurable and repeatable with continuous improvement. Common problems of Scrum include the following:


Kanban is an agile methodology for increasing performance. It was started as continuous manufacturing process, which aims to remove waste and focus the efforts on the items that bring value to the end customer. The process is measurable and allows for continuous improvement. Some common problems with Kanban include the following:


Scrumban is a compromise between Scrum and Kanban methodologies for increased applicability and versatility tool for product manufacturing and support focused companies.

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